Factors To Consider When Creating A Facebook Advertisement

One of the more new and innovative ways and tactics in the modern marketing world is utilising the powers of Facebook marketing. Facebook has around 2 billion users which make it one of the most powerful marketing tools of this age. You can literally show and promote your products to millions of people by using the correct strategy. Using Facebook ads are cheap and can be done conveniently from your home. While there are professional advertising agencies who deal with Facebooks Ad for clients, you can even create these Ads at home.

However, you will need to utilise the right strategy and focus on a key component to get the best Return on investment on your ads.

Images and Videos

Your advertisement will most likely contain some sort of image or video which is aimed at promoting your product or service in the best way possible. In order for this to efficiently work, you need to ensure that these images and video as are taken with the highest quality available. By having high-quality advertisements you will most likely be able to turn in more traffic towards your business as well. The last thing your potential clients/customers would like to engage with is a low quality advertisement. They will most like scroll pass effortlessly, if the ad isn’t up to standard.


You need to be extremely creative with your advertisements. Facebook users are exposed to tens and hundreds of advertisements on a daily basis and wouldn’t even notice your advertisement if it wasn’t creative. You need to create an ad copy which will stand out from the rest and engage with your customers. This will compel them to click on your product and service and potentially convert them into buying customers!


One of the key component of creating a killer Facebook advertising campaign is using a great strategy in order to draw clients towards your product or service. The strategy must include, calculating the correct time and place to show your product to the client. For example, there would be no point in releasing an advertisement at 12 midnight. There would probably less users on Facebook who will engage with your content. Strategy is everything. Even when assessing the price, you must know when and when not to advertise. Pricing for Facebook advertisements are relatively cheaper than other marketing mediums. Your usual Facebook advertising agency in Brisbane will highly focus on strategy to get the best return on investment.


Another important factor in creating advertisements on Facebook is knowing the right type of market. For example, you don’t really see exclusive, high-end brands being marketed on Facebook. It’s because consumers who use these brands are less likely to use Facebook. By knowing your market you will be able to target your advertisement at exactly the right type of people who need to see your advertisement. This is how sales are made.

Facebook advertising can be a tricky task, but if you follow the basics properly, it can be used as a cost-effective tool to help gain more customers to your business.

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