The top reasons why we must be thankful for the internet

Nowadays it is hard to spot a person who has no mobile phone or electronic device in their hands at all and it is even harder to find people who do not use the internet in any way at all. From the most rural and isolated areas in the world to the most successful town in the world, the internet is being used every single day. For people of today’s generation, it is something of a daily routine in their life because they are so dependent on the internet for many things. From the moment they open their eyes in the morning and the second before they fall asleep, they would be using the internet in one way or another. While there are plenty of bad things that can come out of the internet such as cyberbullying, there are far more good things that we can use the internet for. Not just the present generation, but the internet is a huge help for people everywhere in the world whether they are entrepreneurs; students; doctors etc. Here are the top reasons why we must be thankful we have the internet!

Availability of information

This is more of a big advantage to people who are studying because they are in constant need of new information depending on what they are studying. For school homework, university assignments or anything related to businesses and careers, you can find online with a simple one-minute search. As the internet offers us real-time information as well, all of the information on the internet is being updated every day so we can access brand new information about anything and everything in the world no matter where you are!

Social media

Another very popular reason for using the internet is because of the number of social media sites there are! From some of the most famous social media sites such as Facebook and Instagram, you have more useful sites like Email and Skype. These social media sites allow us to contact everyone no matter where they are in the world! It has become a great place for people to get to know new people and for people to exchange ideas as they like. So many people are dependent on social media that the numbers keep rising every single day.

The Entertainment

There are so many people that use the internet simply to entertain themselves because there is so much content available online. Music, movies, videos etc. are all available online to access whenever you want to!


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