What is App “Discoverability” and Why Does Your App Need It?

As mobile marketing becomes increasingly crucial in all digital marketing campaigns, more and more companies are jumping on the app bandwagon. There is a deluge of apps that consumers have available to choose from. That means your company’s app will not attract downloaders if it’s not visible, or rather “discoverable.”

Understanding App Discoverability

The discoverability of apps is very much like what SEO does for websites. It’s a way of indexing an app that allows a user to easily find it with particular search phrases. In the past, SEO only mattered to websites that were indexed and made searchable with search engine algorithms. The same search engines are now looking for various apps. It should be noted that the number of Google searches on mobile has surpassed the same on desktops and laptops.

There’s a distinction between optimising mobile responsive websites and apps. Though the idea is the same, optimising only the mobile website doesn’t make the app more discoverable. The SEO efforts should be conducted on the app itself. Consider for example the fact that Google Play has over three million apps. How does your app get discovered among all that? Clearly, if your app is not discovered, there is no traffic or conversion.

How to Get Your App Discovered

It would involve optimising all content to drive traffic. However, marketers should focus on improving SEO for apps alone. Google’s recent algorithm changes allow users to see content from apps they haven’t downloaded on their devices. Previously, users were only shown ads for apps only if the app was already installed. Now, users can see content from suggested apps as well. This increases the threshold for app SEO.

Obviously, your app will need great, relevant content to show up on Google mobile search results. It’s highly recommended to polish app all the app pages with attractive headlines and text with well-researched keywords. Mobile SEO is slightly different from regular SEO. Companies with little experience in this field should consider hiring a reputable third-party agency that specialises in app discoverability, like www.appscore.com.au.

Researching keywords is quite important to making your app visible. Don’t underestimate the power of mobile adds as well. Different mobile operating systems may display results differently. Mainly, marketing apps on Android and Google platforms could slightly differ. So do keep these differences in mind when marketing apps.

Think Holistically About the Process

Digital marketers promote a sort “holistic” process for mobile content.  It simply means that brands and marketers should consider the mobile marketing campaign as a whole made up of little parts. App discoverability is a part of that, but not the entire picture. While using SEO to improve app discovering is important, don’t forget about the other experiences your brand offers customers either.

Brands should consider integrating apps with social media channels on mobile. Consumers are most likely to use social media on handheld devices. Linking apps to Facebook or SnapChat accounts would certainly drive traffic. When you make your app discoverable, don’t forget social media marketing aspects either.

App discoverability is not a hard concept to grasp once you understand the basics of it. All in all, don’t wait to invest in app discoverability to increase conversions for your brand’s app.

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