What Matters to Web Design in 2018?

As a new year comes around, it’s time to sit and think about how your website should be revamped to meet 2018 expectations. While technology has not dramatically improved over the years, the landscape has shifted to favour some forms of technologies over the other. So, how can a brand be competitive in 2018 and drive traffic to the main website? Let’s look at some of the trends to keep an eye on in this brand new year:

Mobile Responsiveness

Perhaps the most important aspect that matters to web design in 2018 is mobile responsiveness. It refers to the ability of your website to appear faultlessly on the smaller screens of mobile devices. In 2017, the ecommerce landscape so consumers increasingly preferring mobile platforms over desktops. The number of consumers browsing the web and shopping using their smartphones has surpassed people doing the same on desktops. Therefore, a website that is not optimally mobile responsive is not a website that is going to attract much traffic in 2018 or beyond. It’s recommended for online businesses to consult with a local ecommerce development agency Melbourne to get recommendations for how to best improve mobile responsiveness and drive mobile sales.

Simplicity and Intuitive Interfaces

Minimalistic design has been a hallmark of web design for the past several years. But simple design is important now even more than ever. This trend is largely driven by the massive number of mobile users who access sites. Being highly mobile responsive, as mentioned above, also requires a simple design. Not only that, consumers prefer a simplistic approach that gets to the point without any clutter getting in the way. Simple design should be combined with highly intuitive interfaces that make browsing your website completely pain-free and nearly effortless to remain competitive in 2018.


Site speed has never been more important. Search engines like Google are tweaking algorithms to deliver the best results to consumers. Best results mean links free of spam and sites that load as soon as a user clicks, especially on a mobile platform. Google excludes websites that takes longer than 3 seconds to load from mobile search results. Therefore, site speed should be one of the most prominent considerations of web design in the New Year.

Compatibility with Personal Gadgets

The Internet of Things (IoT) is increasingly being adopted by consumers. IoT refers to various personal and smart gadgets that consumers use at work, at home, and on the way between work and home. Tablets, smartwatches, smart home devices, and many more, belong to the IoT. Consumers use these trendy gadgets to access web content more and more. Therefore, web designers should keep compatibility with various IoT devices in mind when creating the ecommerce sites.

Voice Search

Voice search, where a user completes an internet search by giving a voice command rather than by typing, in increasing among all consumer demographics. Websites should be able to facilitate voice search for all visitors in the coming months to take advantage of this rising trend.

Overall, new web design concepts are focused on providing a seamless browsing experience for consumers on multiple devices. In 2018, this would be what matters most for attracting traffic.

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